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The DSI mobile and digital payments platform that improves and extends all available solutions under a universal experience.


What is PayGo

A universal digital and mobile payments platform enabling a true omni-experience and end to end management of your institution’s P2P, P2M and B2P service requirements

Unlocks the full digital power of all members of the ecosystem including customers, while removing all the shortcomings of a single centralised and proprietary merchant code directory​

Corporate, retail & B2B Internet banking and online services. The V-Suite Internet platforms provide fully flexible, customised user experiences

PayGo enables true national and international level unique and simple digital identity frameworks for customers, merchants, businesses and service providers​

PayGo enables distributed directory lookup services as well as centralised and decentralised identification and payment routing​

Why PayGo?

  • Designed to enable and satisfy all LRE and Micro-Merchant requirements
  • Designed to cater for all national and international level digital identity requirements
  • Zero additional cost to existing V-Suite FIs and zero forex requirements
  • Complementary and alternative services to help promote healthy competition
  • Reduces national level single point of failures
  • Creates universal interoperability between payment networks​
  • Advanced Mobile Merchant Management System Capabilities​
  • Improves user experience of customers
  • Protects acquiring institutional control of merchants and customers
  • Enables “on-us” processing and caters for efficient routing logic for both domestic and international traffic
  • Evolved from mobile based technology platforms reducing legacy inefficiencies from card-based system



Person to Merchant

How does PayGo address your Mobile Merchant Payments (P2M):​

  • Implement and manage Mobile Merchants through a mature ‘Mobile Merchant Management’ system.
  • Maintain control of your mobile merchant infrastructure including “on-us” capability, while enabling full integration functionality with available partners and providers​
  • Integrate with mobile payment networks such as ZimSwitch ZIPIT, VISA mVISA, MasterCard mPass, and MNO agent networks.
  • Enables dynamic QR and merchant codes better suited to LREs and supermarket environments


Person to Person

How does PayGo address your Individual Customer needs (P2P):​

  • Enables unique and simple digital identity to nearly 4 million registered ZSS Mobile Banking Users and all mobile wallet platform customers​ (PayGo ID)
  • Fully forwards and backwards compatible with all third-party alias, directory and payment frameworks including ZIPIT, VISA Direct, VISA Alias, MasterPass as well as all mobile wallet networks​
  • Fully embedded within existing ZSS V-Suite solution offering ​
  • API services for non-V-Suite customers


Business to Person

How does PayGo address your Corporate and Bulk payment needs:​

  • Bulk payment processing via a web user interface enabling salaries and supplier payments.​
  • Simple interface and customer journey for corporates and processing banks​
  • Built in reversal and refund logic with comprehensive reporting and reconciliation
  • Real-time transactions and immediate credit​
  • Framework caters for inter-bank liquidity and treasury environmental requirements​



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